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3 Reasons Why You Should Play Tennis
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3 Reasons Why You Should Play Tennis

Tennis is booming in Singapore – more players have picked up the sport since the 2016 WTA finals was held in October in Kallang, and even more are soon to follow. Here are a few reasons why you should pick up a racquet and sign up for tennis lessons as soon as possible:


1. Playing is healthy.

Of course, there are the obvious health benefits you can get from playing the sport. If you haven’t been, or aren’t in the routine of going out for a jog in the morning, then you should know that playing a cardio-intensive sport will burn calories and get you in shape faster than spending that time at the gym (of course, along with proper diet and exercise).

The average person playing singles burns about 600 calories – two slices of pizza, if that’s a little hard to imagine – per hour. Enough tennis lessons in Singapore and a few weeks’ worth of running from square to square will eventually get you into shape.

Tennis requires a lot of skills that you need to develop to master, from agility to strength to speed to even balance and hand-eye coordination. To add to that, the mentally taxing nature of the sport keeps your brain engaged and is great for improving your mental strength – great payoff from all those hours under tennis coaching!

And did you know that playing tennis is also a great way for reducing stress?


2. It broadens your horizons.

We’re talking both emotional and social horizons. It’s a difficult sport to play, after all, and losing ten or fifteen matches in a row even after several weeks of tennis lessons and tennis coaching can be a tough blow to a newcomer’s psyche.

This means that you will need to develop patience to learn tennis and master it, and not pay as much attention to your mistakes as you normally would. With patience also comes learning how to plan your routine and technique, which in turn help you develop a work ethic.

These newfound qualities in turn make it easier to widen your social circle. Getting into a sport already makes it easier to make new friends as you already have something in common that you enjoy.


3. You can play it for the rest of your life.

Tennis is for people of all ages – so don’t be surprised if your tennis coach may look and feel young-at-heart. This is because tennis makes people look ten years younger.

There are tournaments for different age groups, and many older tennis players can actually surprise you when they tell you how old they really are can actually surprise you when they tell you how old they really are.

There aren’t many sports that seniors can play, and the first two that come to mind are usually tennis and golf. However, with tennis, you can keep racking up the wins for decades to come and continually improve your game.

Who knows – start now and in a few decades you can even do some tennis coaching yourself!