Burn After Reading Hot Spicy News in Singapore

Burn After Reading is about an analyst with the CIA who after getting fired from his job, writes a memoir about the place he works at. Kate Cox, played by Tilda Swinton, wants to be divorced from him, and uses [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Play Tennis

Tennis is booming in Singapore – more players have picked up the sport since the 2016 WTA finals was held in October in Kallang, and even more are soon to follow. Here are a few reasons why you should pick [...]

Makeup Trends Throughout History

Makeup Trends Throughout History

When you talk about the makeup industry in Singapore, it is not exclusive to the manufacturers only, but also include the practices of the makeup stylists. Even the word ‘cosmetic’ does not just refer to the colorants your beautician applies [...]

Accounting Software in Singapore For Individuals

There are those that work offline, and then there are online accounting software that are web based and you can access your account in Singapore any time, anywhere. It does not need repeating that money is hard to earn and [...]

Singapore’s Capital Tower

The tower has total 52 floors. An exceptional characteristic of the tower is the five ferry double-deck elevators, which can take loads up to 2 x 1770kg, the speed 5m/sec that bears approximate weight of 3540 kilos and the elevator [...]

Talent, Creativity and Business Outsourcing

Overshooting the budget can never be a wise thing to do. Having said this, let us see which types of marketing strategies are available in the world today. You can market your product through the web, the electronic medium (Television [...]

Kirstie Alley Struts her Stuff in Bikini

The 55-year-old has lost an amazing 34 kilograms – and proudly wears bikini on TV to prove it. 55-year-old Kirstie Alley wearing a cranberry two-piece bikini on Oprah Winfrey’s show proving that you’re never too old to get in shape [...]

British Teacher Jailed Over Teddy Bear Name

English teacher jailed because her class named a Teddy bear Mohammed. Angry religious fanatics want the teacher dead. British teacher Gillian Gibbons was jailed in Sudan for letting her seven-year-old pupils at Khartoum’s private Unity High School pick their favourite [...]