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Can You Trust Your Travel Agency?
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Can You Trust Your Travel Agency?

With so many travel agencies out there, all competing for your money, how do you know that the one you picked is worth your time and money? Here are the top signs that your travel agency isn’t reliable.

No online website

Today, Internet and social networking sites is the fastest way to commercialize and sell. If a company doesn’t have their own website, that’s could be a sign. Similarly, if there are no feedbacks or posts written about them, good or bad, you should be extra careful or, better yet, start looking for another travel agency.

Not accepting credit cards

Since credit cards offer insurances, this could be your best payment option when you’re in doubt of your travel agency. So, if an agency only accepts money orders, wire transfers, or cash up-front, you should be cautious.

They only do business over the phone

Be wary if through phone is the only communication method your agency agrees to. Maybe they just want to keep everything verbal so they don’t have to provide any written material. If there are no contracts you can refer to, it would be very hard for you to get your money back when things go wrong.

Asking you to pay more than 2 months in advance

Many booking sites and travel providers require you to pay in full for a reservation. This could be a warning, especially if you’re forced to pay more than 2 months in advance. According to the Fair Credit Billing policy, consumers have 2 months to question a charge on their credit card. If an agency requires you to pay 2 months in advance, this could be a way for them to make sure that you can’t question them when they fail to deliver your trip.