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Galaxy S4 Features You Can Integrate on Your iPhone
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Galaxy S4 Features You Can Integrate on Your iPhone

With its astounding features and being the newest phone known to the public, Galaxy S4 surely excites all the consumers, including those with iOS handsets. S4 comes with proprietary apps that every consumer wants to experience. Though Samsung’s aim is to push iPhone users to switch handsets for these features, many of these apps are available for iOS phones through third party apps. Here are 3 of Galaxy S4’s features you can certainly get on your iPhone.

S Translator – Mail Translator

Samsung’s S Translator app can convert SMS messages, ChatOn IMs and emails from different languages to your native language. You can also type or speak directly to the app to translate speech or text. However, Apple has dozens of translation applications that can perform the same tasks. The Mail Translator app of iOS lets you translate emails and messages into 56 different languages, way more languages than Samsung’s S Translator supports.

S Health – MyFitnessPal

Galaxy S4 has S Health app, which monitors your dietary habits, the calories you’ve taken in or burned, and the distance you’ve walked. For iPhone, MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter features more than 2 million foods to help determine your calorie count. It keeps track of your day-to-day food intake and calculates how much calorie you would burn in a specific span of time.

Dual Shot – DuoCam

One of the unique features of Galaxy S4 is its ability to capture photos with its 2 cameras at the same time. It means that you can take photos in two different directions at once. The DuoCam app for iPhone also lets you take photos from both cameras at once, though the bells and whistles of Samsung don’t come along with it.