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Singapore's Capital Tower
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Singapore’s Capital Tower

The tower has total 52 floors. An exceptional characteristic of the tower is the five ferry double-deck elevators, which can take loads up to 2 x 1770kg, the speed 5m/sec that bears approximate weight of 3540 kilos and the elevator runs at the rate of 10m/s. The Capital Tower is very important to Singapore as it almost represent the country rather it is the symbol of Singapore.
The building has many attractive features such as –

· Reserved car parking lot facility
· Sharp Management System
· The tower has the facility of monitoring the floors and specific departments. It also has provision for booking meeting rooms, in electronic way.

· The tower has an outlet of the famous health club known as ‘Fitness First’!
· It has retail outlets on the first and ninth floor.
· The Capital Tower has conference halls
· Thirty Sixth-floor displays sky lobby, scenic view of dazzling Singapore at night.
· The main lobby has a chic Starbucks Café outlet.

The Capital Tower, of Singapore is marked by its amazing architectural and eco-friendly attributes; it has bagged many awards such as. Water Efficient Building Award, Construction Excellence Award, and so on. Apart from possessing huge commercial significance, the tower is a tourist attraction too. Therefore, majority of tourist are informed about this iconic tower.
Capital Tower at 168, Robinson Road is not only the biggest office space, commercial potboiler but is also a tourist magnet. Since, 2000 many new skyscrapers have shrouded the city, but nobody can take away the Capital Towers – grandeur, glory and contribution in Singapore’s present and future.