Burn After Reading Hot Spicy News in Singapore

Burn After Reading is about an analyst with the CIA who after getting fired from his job, writes a memoir about the place he works at. Kate Cox, played by Tilda Swinton, wants to be divorced from him, and uses a compact disc to copy all his personal files into. Unfortunately, the disc is left at a health club, Hardbodies, by her lawyer’s receptionist by accident. More info at wikipedia.

The gym’s two employees, Chad (played by Brad Pitt) and Linda Litzke, managed to get their hands on the disc and come to the conclusion that there is classified information in there. Initially, the two planned to return the dic to Osbourne for some gratification, to pay for cosmetic surgery which Linda plans to go for. However, things change when they alter their methods, and resort to blackmail instead. Osbourne meets Chad, and refuses to pay the reward and punches Chad. Chad tells Linda that he was hit by Osbourne and refused the payment. Linda takes revenge by bringing the information to the Russian embassy, where she hands the disc over and promise to give more information to them. But having no more information, they resort to stealing it from the Osbourne’s residence. Katie was actually in an affair with Harry Pfarrer, played by George Cloony, who is a treasury agent and US marchal, however, his character is in question as he is a womanizer. He met Linda online, and went into an affair with her too. When Chad breaks into the Osbourne’s place, he sees Katie and Harry leave. But when Harry returns and realizes Chad is in a closet hiding, he shoots him in the face, point blank. Chad is not carrying any form of identification and has cut away his clothes’ label, and thus thinks that Chad could be a spy and gets rid of the body. With Chad in cover as a pharmacy technician giving out medicine to patients he was quickly discovered as a spy. Burn After Reading has lots more in the actual show, tune in to find out how the story end. Your daily dose of hot news fresh from the news stands all over the world from official site sources and some of our references comes from sites listed in foi directory. Our topics range from politics, entertainment, technology, world news and local news. Just like our name, we will bring you the latest information straight from the oven and on focus features usa.

News these days travels fast, what used to be only available in print strona, now comes in so many forms. And one of the major ways people get our news these days is through websites and blogs. There are many blog platforms that are free to create, if you are intending to be a publisher you can easily create a blog with a nice design using free blogger templates. Burn after reading is going to be big, we’re going to bring you the hottest news so it’ll be great to keep tabs on our site. Recently so much has happened. With cnn and the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton has been taking the world by storm. Who’d knew that a prince would marry a ‘commoner?’ Well in this day and age it seems that anything goes. Who would have also known that even well known rich people use as well to finance their business and royal trades. Grand events requires a lot of money so that is where payday loans come in handy as well for those who require it. Who would have known that a prince can also easily create rock star and rappers music with state of the art software by sonic producer. These were simply not possible in the ancient times but now its a totally different story as music producers utilizes these softwares like sonic producer to help them make better beat music. And how about that ring that’s on her fingers? It was the prince’s mother’s, Princess Diana’s ring. I’m sure their wedding is going to be one of the grandest the world has ever seen, with live twitter feed and everything with Singapore wedding brides excited about their marriage with some designer gowns and wedding dress being made with their bridal style. After marriage comes honeymoon right after that. But the costs doesn’t just stop right there. There are tantamount costs for buying a house and then looking for your favorite interior design ideas before engaging your own interior designer to style up your apartment according to your liking. News is, they are to be married in the cathedral that Princess Diana’s funeral was held in, making it all the more, a remembrance of the unfortunate death of the prince’s mother. Flags were being at half mast that day for a min of silence in respect to the ceremony. A group has also purchased some flags for sale online that were specially made and crafted for this occasion. All flags were made and sold online with proceeds going to good causes. Can you believe that even eye doctors have gotten their own flags for their private eye surgery clinics? Lasik surgeons in Singapore have been known to exhibit professional care and their expertise in delivering perfect eyesight back to their patients. All these news were burning hot news that were shared among social networks and through viral word of mouth via the devices of ipod, iphones and the like. Many has moved to using softwares that can share and bump data from ipod to computer which in due course has stirred a huge wave of online frontal news tat spread like wildfire. Another news that has been big these days is the impending Korean war. News agencies have turned to themes for a cheaper alternative to getting premium news templates that easily cost over ten thousand dollars for their online news publishing websites. With all these chaos going in the world, cash loans are getting insanely popular as people all around the world are in need of cash due to high inflation and deflation of assets and cash. North Korea has been provoking the South with its shelling, driving the US and South Korea crazy while preparing for a possible Korean war.

Well, all I can say is, no more Samsung is the South got bombed, and all of us up in the northern hemisphere would probably experience some really disastrous radiation, no? Some of these sources have even being released on myspace where users visit a myspace proxy to comment on these incidences in social media platforms. What’s the world coming to, we have all these and more in our amazing site! Media can be relied upon to convey the truth when they act as a whistle-blower to uncover activi-ties that act against the public’s interest. There are also news of wood cutters from cold countries that uses special machinery like a log splitter to split wood easily. Over the past few months of winter and autumn period there have been a higher than usual report of forest fires and people getting injured while making preparations for winter. UK based insurance claims company has made a firm stand on helping citizens make claims for the losses that they have suffered that were indecently not covered for them without their knowledge. Such stories are also covered here. There has also been quirky cases whereby a lady who gets pregnant in a normal human way can claim insurance coverage and benefits but if a lady who goes through certain methods through lisa’s book on pregnancy miracle these costs from hospitalization to conceived is not included. After women gives birth, it takes awhile before the baby is stable to bring home. Celebration parties such as a baby shower is very normal in the western countries as people love to remember the day their babies were born. As for teens, with the release of guitar hero games, there has been a surge of renewed passion in guitarists who want to beef up the playing skills. Many new guitarists have also came on board the arena and many are wanting to learn new tricks to playing solos. And many good things has been said about it! If you are on fire and can’t wait to pick up some new techniques, you can download a copy of guitar scales for free and that is a whole collection of scales for you to learn and impress ladies. We also include news of other entertainment shows ranging from science fiction, comedy, humor, action pack online tv. Tons of new shows are coming up and one of them that has caught our eye is futurama which is a super hilarious show. A friend of mine has been going online to watch episodes via streaming of older episodes and he was so glad he could watch it online due to his hectic work schedule he misses it all the time. Aside from all these lifestyle enjoyments, we also reference news that are burning hot inflammables such as the evidence when the media brought to light the Wa-tergate scandal, in which president Nixon was culpable for attempting to cover up the burglary into the Watergate Hotel. President Nixon, once popular among his people, had his reputation smeared/tarred, and was impeached. The incident underscores the media’s trustworthiness as watchdog for the truth. Media has the investigative resources and means to obtain first-hand in-formation about pertinent incidents. Under such scrutiny and pressure, anyone flouting the rules would be hard-pressed to carry on with their fraudulence or surreptitious activity. Hence, media can be relied upon not only to report the truth, but also to uncover the truth. Truths such as the leasing out of loans by advances has made media impact with their volume of trusted recipients and clientele. Media can also be depended upon as a presenter of truth when it serves as the mouthpiece of vic-tims who seek to reach out to the world in their genuinely desperate times. In the reporting of the Pakistan floods, victims expressed their outpouring of grief and sorrow to the world through the media, as they were enmeshed in the mire of their deluged homes. Coverage was also made when Haiti and Sichuan were going through a cataclysmic earthquake. In such instances, little distortion was made, only raw emotions were expressed by victims as they were bereft of hope and besieged by such calamities. The media in this case serves as a spotlight to focus the world’s attention on issues that need to be addressed.


3 Reasons Why You Should Play Tennis

Tennis is booming in Singapore – more players have picked up the sport since the 2016 WTA finals was held in October in Kallang, and even more are soon to follow. Here are a few reasons why you should pick up a racquet and sign up for tennis lessons as soon as possible:


1. Playing is healthy.

Of course, there are the obvious health benefits you can get from playing the sport. If you haven’t been, or aren’t in the routine of going out for a jog in the morning, then you should know that playing a cardio-intensive sport will burn calories and get you in shape faster than spending that time at the gym (of course, along with proper diet and exercise).

The average person playing singles burns about 600 calories – two slices of pizza, if that’s a little hard to imagine – per hour. Enough tennis lessons in Singapore and a few weeks’ worth of running from square to square will eventually get you into shape.

Tennis requires a lot of skills that you need to develop to master, from agility to strength to speed to even balance and hand-eye coordination. To add to that, the mentally taxing nature of the sport keeps your brain engaged and is great for improving your mental strength – great payoff from all those hours under tennis coaching!

And did you know that playing tennis is also a great way for reducing stress?


2. It broadens your horizons.

We’re talking both emotional and social horizons. It’s a difficult sport to play, after all, and losing ten or fifteen matches in a row even after several weeks of tennis lessons and tennis coaching can be a tough blow to a newcomer’s psyche.

This means that you will need to develop patience to learn tennis and master it, and not pay as much attention to your mistakes as you normally would. With patience also comes learning how to plan your routine and technique, which in turn help you develop a work ethic.

These newfound qualities in turn make it easier to widen your social circle. Getting into a sport already makes it easier to make new friends as you already have something in common that you enjoy.


3. You can play it for the rest of your life.

Tennis is for people of all ages – so don’t be surprised if your tennis coach may look and feel young-at-heart. This is because tennis makes people look ten years younger.

There are tournaments for different age groups, and many older tennis players can actually surprise you when they tell you how old they really are can actually surprise you when they tell you how old they really are.

There aren’t many sports that seniors can play, and the first two that come to mind are usually tennis and golf. However, with tennis, you can keep racking up the wins for decades to come and continually improve your game.

Who knows – start now and in a few decades you can even do some tennis coaching yourself!


Makeup Trends Throughout History

When you talk about the makeup industry in Singapore, it is not exclusive to the manufacturers only, but also include the practices of the makeup stylists. Even the word ‘cosmetic’ does not just refer to the colorants your beautician applies on your face, but to perfumes, body oils/ointments/creams, nail polish, and hair coloring. It means that before the makeup artist in recent years specialized in enhancing facial features, cosmetics were for the different parts of the body.

History of Cosmetics

The history of makeup has not always been beautiful. Before the advent of the modern cosmetic industry in the 20th century, most of the makeup were produced through experimentation not just by chemists but beauticians, fashion designers, and even religious leaders. The standards of beauty and trends in fashion also affected the evolution of makeup, which means that everything your makeup stylist knows is the accumulation of techniques of more than 2,000 years.

Ancient Beauticians

The earliest recorded use of makeup was in ancient Egypt where the use of oils and colorants were documented. That means that the job of the makeup artist then, if that was what they were called, was not to make their clients beautiful, but to promote good health, mask body odor, enhance the skin condition, protect the skin from the elements, and appease gods through rituals. Perfumes in particular, were highly valued and most of them already used ingredients common to us today, such as lavender, rose, aloe, olive oil, and chamomile. The Egyptians were also the first to use eyeshadow pallets, mascara and liners by applying different colors around the eyes, lashes, and upper lids.

Weird Experiments

The use of makeup persisted until the time of the Romans when the philosopher Plautus famously declared that “A woman without paint is like food without salt.” By this time, depilatories were used to remove unwanted hair and pumice was used to whiten the teeth. Women also wore chalk and white lead on their faces, a practice that will horrify almost all makeup artist in Singapore today. It got even worse during the Middle Ages when people went to such extremes as bleeding themselves to have pale skin or applying egg whites on their faces to achieve a glazed look.

The winners, however, are those with low hairline who used bandages with cat dung and vinegar. Makeup also became a symbol of one’s station in life and people wore them even if the ingredients such as arsenic, mercury, and white lead were harmful. Among women, rouge (red lipstick) was very popular, as well as hair dyeing and the blackening of the eyebrows.

The Art of Copying

Most of the cosmetics even in the 1800s were made not by makeup artists but by apothecaries who were aware that nitric acid and coal tar were poisonous. Talk about dying beautifully. But this was also the century when men were free to wear makeup and not get ridiculed. Why? The royalty wore them, and the kings and queens were the standard of fashion that everyone wanted to imitate.

It was well-known that George IV for example, had a collection of scents, powders, and cold creams that would beggar most of today’s modern makeup kit. The 19th century brought cosmetics into the spotlight, because it was the time when anyone who called herself a lady should wear lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish. Makeup persisted, but was not yet openly accepted by all sectors in society. Beauty salons, run by a specialist called makeup artist, started to pop up, but were still viewed by most people as vulgar.

Years of Glamour

For the past 100 years, makeup trends have changed a lot, and not just in the preparation of the products, but also in the way people perceive cosmetics in general. Makeup became acceptable to most people in the early 1900s and some of the big names in the industry were established during this time. In the 1920s, the makeup became a symbol of a woman’s changing role in the society and most women chose to wear makeup to reflect their own style. The use of makeup in 1930s was popularized by the celebrities, who also served as the models for most of the women.

The 1940s popularized the neutral look, while the 1950s was all about glamour. From the 1960s to 1980s, it was all about heavy eye makeup, vivid colors, glitters, and big hair. The 1990s, however, gave birth to different trends that existed all at the same time, such as the supermodel look, goth, and punk. By the 2000s, more than a dozen makeup trends that come and go every year. Now, it’s a lot easier to apply makeup and find products that will work for every skin tone and type.

The Beginner’s Makeup Kit

Most people’s issue with makeup is no longer about dying from the chemicals that you place on your skin, but how to pick from so many choices in the markets in Singapore. Perhaps most of you have asked—what’s inside the kit of a professional makeup stylist?

Here are some of the basic items you will need for your own makeup kit.

1. Bag with several pockets and compartments or a makeup kit
2. Skin care or skin prep items like facial wash, cleanser, toner, creams, and moisturizer
3. Foundation (pick a universal palette), corrector or concealer, and face/body foundation
4. Powders (both pressed and loose forms)
5. Blush and bronzer
6. Eyeshadow palette
7. Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil or palette or gel, eyebrow stencil and pencil sharpener
8. Mascara, tweezers, eyelash curler, false eyelashes and adhesive
9. Lip balm, lip liner, lip gloss, and an assortment of lipsticks
10. Brushes and other makeup tools for application, contouring, and cleaning


Be Familiar with the Most Popular Sports in the World

There are many activities you can do in this world but many people are fond of sporting events. When there is an event, all come together to witness the athletes and how they score or goal. Whether you are sports minded or not, it is helpful that you know the most popular sports in the world so you will never get lost. It is also helpful if you know the basics of the game. Here’s a list of the most popular sports in the world:

Soccer – Soccer is also known as football in other countries. It is considered the most popular sport because one only needs to learn the basics and use little equipment. Soccer is considered the highest paying sport at the professional level (FIFA world cup). In fact, the winning team can win as much as US $30 million.

Cricket – Cricket is the second most popular sports in the world due to number of fans. Cricket is popular in Asia (India and Middle East), England and Australia then spreading it to other parts of the world.

Baseball – Baseball is frequently called the national pastime of the United States. Professional baseball attracts millions of spectators and entertains more with radio and television broadcasts.

Basketball – Basketball is a favourite of many people. The objective of the game is to score more points by putting the ball in the basket.

Volleyball – Volleyball is also considered famous. The objective of this game is to score by hitting the ball back and forth over a high net.

Football – Football is a full-contact sport meaning it involves a lot of body contact like blocking and grabbing. The objective of this game is to score by bringing or kicking the oval shape ball across the opposing team’s goal line.

Golf – Golf is also famous in its own right but it is an expensive sport. It needs a lot of equipment and a spacious ground.


World’s Famous Alcoholic Beverages

You drink alcoholic beverages for many reasons. Some drink it as a religious rite (wine for the Priests) while some drink it to give warmth during cold days. Today, alcoholic beverages are common elements for parties and events; without it, your party or event will never last. Most of alcoholic beverages you drink are the outcome of fermentation from fruits and particular trees. Regardless of your reasons, you should know the world’s famous alcoholic beverages. Take a look at the world’s famous alcoholic beverages:

Beer – Beer is a famous alcoholic drink. Beers differ in taste and texture since there are places that use different ingredients and process.

Rum – Rum is made of molasses or sugarcane. The first process involves distillation of molasses or sugarcane. After that, a clean-coloured liquid will be stored in the barrel made of oak until it is ready.

Vodka – Vodka contains about 40% of alcohol. It is made from refined fermented grains.

Tequila – Unlike wines, tequila is distilled not fermented. It is derived from agave plants.

Margarita – Margarita is a tequila cocktail combined with lime juice with salts on the mouth of the glass.

Wine – This is probably one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world. Alcohol content of wine ranges from 8%-15%.

Absinthe – Absinthe is the fermentation of Artemisia Absinthium thus the name. Beware because the alcohol content is said to be 74%.

When you plan to drink, make sure you will not overdo it because it can cause discomfort in the morning. You will see.


Can You Trust Your Travel Agency?

With so many travel agencies out there, all competing for your money, how do you know that the one you picked is worth your time and money? Here are the top signs that your travel agency isn’t reliable.

No online website

Today, Internet and social networking sites is the fastest way to commercialize and sell. If a company doesn’t have their own website, that’s could be a sign. Similarly, if there are no feedbacks or posts written about them, good or bad, you should be extra careful or, better yet, start looking for another travel agency.

Not accepting credit cards

Since credit cards offer insurances, this could be your best payment option when you’re in doubt of your travel agency. So, if an agency only accepts money orders, wire transfers, or cash up-front, you should be cautious.

They only do business over the phone

Be wary if through phone is the only communication method your agency agrees to. Maybe they just want to keep everything verbal so they don’t have to provide any written material. If there are no contracts you can refer to, it would be very hard for you to get your money back when things go wrong.

Asking you to pay more than 2 months in advance

Many booking sites and travel providers require you to pay in full for a reservation. This could be a warning, especially if you’re forced to pay more than 2 months in advance. According to the Fair Credit Billing policy, consumers have 2 months to question a charge on their credit card. If an agency requires you to pay 2 months in advance, this could be a way for them to make sure that you can’t question them when they fail to deliver your trip.


Galaxy S4 Features You Can Integrate on Your iPhone

With its astounding features and being the newest phone known to the public, Galaxy S4 surely excites all the consumers, including those with iOS handsets. S4 comes with proprietary apps that every consumer wants to experience. Though Samsung’s aim is to push iPhone users to switch handsets for these features, many of these apps are available for iOS phones through third party apps. Here are 3 of Galaxy S4’s features you can certainly get on your iPhone.

S Translator – Mail Translator

Samsung’s S Translator app can convert SMS messages, ChatOn IMs and emails from different languages to your native language. You can also type or speak directly to the app to translate speech or text. However, Apple has dozens of translation applications that can perform the same tasks. The Mail Translator app of iOS lets you translate emails and messages into 56 different languages, way more languages than Samsung’s S Translator supports.

S Health – MyFitnessPal

Galaxy S4 has S Health app, which monitors your dietary habits, the calories you’ve taken in or burned, and the distance you’ve walked. For iPhone, MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter features more than 2 million foods to help determine your calorie count. It keeps track of your day-to-day food intake and calculates how much calorie you would burn in a specific span of time.

Dual Shot – DuoCam

One of the unique features of Galaxy S4 is its ability to capture photos with its 2 cameras at the same time. It means that you can take photos in two different directions at once. The DuoCam app for iPhone also lets you take photos from both cameras at once, though the bells and whistles of Samsung don’t come along with it.


Accounting Software in Singapore For Individuals

There are those that work offline, and then there are online accounting software that are web based and you can access your account in Singapore any time, anywhere. It does not need repeating that money is hard to earn and you sweat it out every minute to earn it. But the slightest disregard or mismanagement will mean that you the individual will be left with nothing in your business bank account if you are not fiscally prudent. You must save, and save in meaningful schemes to be able to reap the rewards when it is a rainy day. Buying a business accounting software singapore is a right step in the right direction. But ultimately it is only a tool to record your transactions and you will have to follow the principles of financial jurisprudence to be able to move ahead on the road to riches.

No need to buy expensive programs if you don’t want superfluous features
There is no need to spend a fortune on buying personal accounting software in Singapore especially if you do not need all those features that are superfluous for your needs. There are many options available on the internet that is quite inexpensive, and if your requirements are fulfilled by basic accounting software, you need not spend a dime on managing your finances.


Singapore’s Capital Tower

The tower has total 52 floors. An exceptional characteristic of the tower is the five ferry double-deck elevators, which can take loads up to 2 x 1770kg, the speed 5m/sec that bears approximate weight of 3540 kilos and the elevator runs at the rate of 10m/s. The Capital Tower is very important to Singapore as it almost represent the country rather it is the symbol of Singapore.
The building has many attractive features such as –

· Reserved car parking lot facility
· Sharp Management System
· The tower has the facility of monitoring the floors and specific departments. It also has provision for booking meeting rooms, in electronic way.

· The tower has an outlet of the famous health club known as ‘Fitness First’!
· It has retail outlets on the first and ninth floor.
· The Capital Tower has conference halls
· Thirty Sixth-floor displays sky lobby, scenic view of dazzling Singapore at night.
· The main lobby has a chic Starbucks Café outlet.

The Capital Tower, of Singapore is marked by its amazing architectural and eco-friendly attributes; it has bagged many awards such as. Water Efficient Building Award, Construction Excellence Award, and so on. Apart from possessing huge commercial significance, the tower is a tourist attraction too. Therefore, majority of tourist are informed about this iconic tower.
Capital Tower at 168, Robinson Road is not only the biggest office space, commercial potboiler but is also a tourist magnet. Since, 2000 many new skyscrapers have shrouded the city, but nobody can take away the Capital Towers – grandeur, glory and contribution in Singapore’s present and future.


Talent, Creativity and Business Outsourcing

Overshooting the budget can never be a wise thing to do. Having said this, let us see which types of marketing strategies are available in the world today. You can market your product through the web, the electronic medium (Television channels), the radio & through various other mediums. You can market your product through one single medium or through a mix of mediums. The more number of mediums you use, more number of people you will be able to reach out to. More the number of people you reach out means more the number of potential customers you create.

A talent pool is essential for any business house to succeed. That is where the importance of recruitment lies. Make sure you only recruit the serious & the most talented & skilled people to work in your company. In order to have the best talent in the market you will also have to shell out the best possible remunerations. Having the best worker by your side will make a huge difference to your success rate. If you happen to own a business where creativity is required then be creative. Suppose you own a interior decorating business. Then use your creativity to come up with new interior design ideas everyday. It will not just help in creating goodwill for your business in the market but will also increase the number of clients you could have had. Customers today have varied demands. So in order to meet the demands of all sections of customers one must have varied solutions available to them to offer to the customers. If you want to increase your profit margin by cutting down on cost then you can always go for outsourcing. You can outsource a particular area or operation or a group of it to another company elsewhere which will do that job for you at a much lower cost. It will definitely help you increase your profit margins.


Kirstie Alley Struts her Stuff in Bikini

The 55-year-old has lost an amazing 34 kilograms – and proudly wears bikini on TV to prove it.
55-year-old Kirstie Alley wearing a cranberry two-piece bikini on Oprah Winfrey’s show proving that you’re never too old to get in shape – or get into bikini.

Kirstie Alley promised to wear bikini on Oprah a year ago. “I’m thinking this would be a really good challenge. If I don’t make it, I’m really sorry. You can all come over to my house and see me in a bikini,” she said at that time.

At that time, Kirstie Alley had just finished shooting her “Fat Actress” reality series, and told Oprah she weighed 219 pounds.
“She hadn’t lost pound one when the first ad appeared,” said Cozette Phifer, a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, “It was the first time ever that we had someone go on camera and say, ‘I’m fat and I want to lose weight.’ We both had to take a leap of faith, and it was risky for her.”

Since then, Kirstey Alley continued to shed about one to two pounds per week, until she reached her goal weight loss of 75 pounds last summer.

To prepare for her bikini appearance, Kirstie Alley, former competitive swimmer, prepared a lot. “I’m working hard to get myself in shape for my bikini debut on Oprah. I’m walking vigorously (hiking) every morning for one hour on these big ole hills by my house. Then I try to get in an afternoon workout of weights, circuit, palates or yoga”,” Kirstie wrote in her blog at

The actress, who is a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, revealed her plans to star in a series of bikini-based ads that will be unveiled around Christmas.


British Teacher Jailed Over Teddy Bear Name

English teacher jailed because her class named a Teddy bear Mohammed. Angry religious fanatics want the teacher dead.

British teacher Gillian Gibbons was jailed in Sudan for letting her seven-year-old pupils at Khartoum’s private Unity High School pick their favourite name for a teddy bear as part of a project on animals in September.

Twenty out of 23 of them chose Mohammad – a popular boy’s name in Sudan, as well as the name of Islam’s Prophet.

For this Gibbons was sentenced to 15 days in prison; she had faced a maximum of 40 lashes or a year in prison under Sudan’s legal code, which is based on British law but modified to include sharia punishments.

Chanting, “Shame, shame on the U.K.,” nearly a thousand young men marched from the palace to Unity High School, where Gibbons had taught, and then on to the British embassy, burning newspapers bearing images of 54-year-old teacher.

The crowd demanded that the teacher be executed following her conviction on charges of blasphemy.

Gibbons’ sentence did not satisfy some clerics. Sheikh Abdul-Jalil al-Karuri, an adviser to President Omar al-Bashir, said he was not surprised that people had decided to demonstrate over what he deemed a lenient sentence. “I was expecting more because this is a serious case and the court just gave her 15 days. She has done five already so she can leave any time soon,” he said.

Teachers at Unity High have stood by their colleague, noting that the first complaint came only last week despite the fact that parents had been aware of the class bear’s name since September. Teachers have alleged that Gibbons was the victim of a staffer trying to discredit the school rather than an offended parent, CNN reported.